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    Top 5 Most Underrated U.S. Beaches

    Planning to take some time off for vacation this summer but don't want travel to your usual getaway destination? If you're feeling adventurous, check out our list of the top 5 most underrated U.S. beaches below. Who knows, you may find your new “go to” beach for summer vacations.  

    #1) Lake Tahoe

    Featuring more than 72 miles of sandy beaches, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. But this isn't just your ordinary freshwater beach destination. This Californian lake offers some truly memorizing scenery with snow-capped mountains blanketing the horizon and virtually crystal-clear waters. If you ever find yourself around the Lake Tahoe region, check out Zephyr Cove or Emerald Bay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can even grab a bite to eat at one of Lake Tahoe's many waterside restaurants.  

    #2) Amelia Island

    Nestled inside Florida's Sea Island chain, Amelia Island is a remarkable beach that's often overlooked by tourists and vacationers. It offers 13 miles of pristine white sands along the Atlantic Ocean with native wildlife, local events, shopping and more. Amelia Island has won numerous awards over the years, including the Top 10 North American Islands award by Conde Nast Traveler's Choice Award for seven years in a row.  

    #3) Lanai, Hawaii

    Also known as Pineapple Island because of its history as a pineapple plantation, Lanai is the smallest Hawaiian island that's open to the public. But don't let its small size fool you into thinking it's just another obscure patch of sand in the Pacific Ocean. Lanai offers 18 miles of untapped beaches with a nearby golf course, restaurants, water attractions and more. Be warned, though, you may have trouble reaching the island, as transportation to and from Lanai is limited.  

    #4) Bandon, Oregon

    Located on the south-end of the mouth of the Coquille River is a quaint beach-side Oregon town called Bandon. In addition to marveling at the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, beach-goers here can enjoy horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, shopping, hiking, camping, and exploring Bandon's sand dunes and lighthouses.  

    #5) York Beach, Maine

    York holds the title of being the second oldest town in Maine (only after Kittery). York Beach is an unincorporated seaside community within the City, consisting of Long Sands and Short Sands beaches. What makes this area unique, however, is the fact that you can enjoy both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Maine here.  

    So, what's your favorite U.S. beach?

    8 Tips for Air Travelers

    Planning to travel via commercial air this summer? We have some tips and tricks to help you out!  

    #1) Bring a Power Strip

    Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Many airports, hotels, resorts and cruise ships lack an adequate number of power outlets, which is why it's a good idea to bring a power strip with you. Don't just choose a generic strip with half a dozen plugs, but instead look for one with both standard and USB plugs.  

    #2) Snap a Photo After Parking Your Car

    Once you've gone through the monotonous task of trying to find an open parking space at the airport, use your smartphone to snap a photo of where you parked. Rather than searching aimlessly for your car when you return, you'll know exactly where to go.  

    #3) Stay Hydrated

    Flying can leave you both exhausted and dehydrated. The pressurized cabin air contains very little moisture vapor, further depleting your body's water supply. Combined with the stress of traveling, this can bring on some intense headaches. This is why it's a good idea to drink plenty of H2O before, during and after your flight. I also always carry our Beauty Water and apply a spritz or two once we land. It keeps my skin hydrated and my makeup refreshed after a long flight.  

    #4) Wear Vans

    Aside from the fact that they are stylish and super comfortable, Vans are the perfect shoes to wear when traveling on an airplane. When it's your time to walk-through the dreaded TSA checkpoint at the airport, you won't have to worry about untying and re-tying your shoelaces. Slide off your Vans, toss them into the tub, and proceed through.  

    #5) Pack a Silk Pillow Case

    A silk pillow case will transform otherwise uncomfortable hotel pillows into a plush, heavenly dream. Cotton pillows actually draw moisture away from your skin, but silk will allow your skin to stay hydrated. This is very important considering your skin tends to dry out when traveling. Furthermore, it creates a barrier between your head and any germs lingering on foreign pillows. You can buy a silk pillow case for as little as $25 bucks, so don't leave home without one!  

    #6) Bring a Silk Eye Mask

    A silk eye mask will allow you to get some much-needed shut-eye by blocking out light in the surrounding environment. Granted, most airports sell similar eye masks, but they are cheaply made and uncomfortable to wear. Spending a couple extra bucks on a genuine silk eye mask that will help you wake up feeling more refreshed will prove to be well worth the investment.  

    #7) Noise-Canceling Headphones

    Even with a silk eye mask, you may have trouble falling asleep if you're seated on a plane next to a family of screaming children. But this is where a pair of noise-canceling headphones comes into play. Placing them over your ears will allow you to escape into a state of blissful peace.  

    #8) Bring a Makeup Palette

    Palettes are the ultimate tool tool for those spur-of-the-moment touch-ups. While the exact contents vary depending on the particular brand you choose, my favorite contains a blush, lip gloss, bronzer, mascara, and a variety of eye shadows. I guess you could call it the Swiss Army of makeup.  

    Travel Must-have: Our 7-piece Discovery Collection is TSA approved and contains everything you need to keep your skin looking and feeling it's best while you travel. I never leave home without mine!  

    What are your travel necessities? Tell us on Twitter @colrothschild.

    CR Travels: Malibu

    CR Travels: Malibu  

    Two weeks ago, Stan and I headed to Malibu for 5 days of fun with friends to celebrate a friends birthday. It was an amazing trip to say the least. From the beaches and restaurants, to the shopping…the West coast is one of my favorite places to visit because there is so much to do!

    We spent time outdoors hiking and paddle boarding, as well as exploring the city and eating such great food. I love the culture of California and can't wait until I go back. Until then, enjoy a few pics from our trip.

    Last minute packing the night before. Let's be real, every girl needs her options!
    Of course I could never go on an adventure without my Discovery Collection kit. TSA approved and super convenient to add in your carry-on.
    Hello Malibu!
    Last week I told you about Mastro's Ocean Front, so this week I wanted to be sure and mention Malibu Farm. Located at the end of the Malibu Pier, this place serves organic, fresh, REAL food. The food was excellent, service exceptional, and the views were amazing. I highly recommend visiting Malibu Farm if you find yourself in the area.
    We had such a great time doing things outdoors. The hiking trails were brutal, but the views were worth it!
    As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we went with our friends to celebrate a birthday. This is me with my dear friend Lisa who we celebrated all week! 

    Happy Birthday, Lisa! 

    It was a very memorable, relaxing trip and I can't wait until my next adventure! Of course I'll be sure to share it with all of you. What are some of your favorite places to visit in California? Tell me below.  


    A True Multisensory Experience

    adj. Relating to or involving several bodily senses
    We love the word “multisensory” because it sums up the beauty of our Radiant Cleansing Balm so well. It describes the way it looks, feels, smells, and of course, how it gives you the clean, radiant-looking skin you’ve been waiting for!

    The first thing you’ll notice about the cleansing balm is its luxurious smooth texture, and the spa-like aroma of fresh cloves and rosemary. This aromatic complex not only smells intoxicating, it also calms the senses and decongests – you’ll actually look forward to caring for your skin every night!

    What also makes this cleansing balm so special is the amazing job it does of completely dissolving all types of makeup (even eye makeup) and clearing congested pores. Traditional cleansers can sometimes strip your skin, leaving your face feeling tight and dry. But our cleansing balm gives your skin the ultimate in deep down cleansing, while keeping it well nourished and happy.

    Don’t be afraid of cleansing balms if you have oily or problem skin! Again, when skin has been stripped clean with some cleansers, it can actually produce more pore-clogging sebum, which results in all kinds of unpleasantness. By not stripping away good skin oils, that helps control sebum balance, leaving only clearer, fresher-looking skin behind.

    So how do you use a cleansing balm? Start by scooping a dollop onto clean, dry hands, and then rub your hands together to get the balm all nice and warm and fragrant. Then just massage the balm directly into your skin. You’ll see the yucky dirt and grime immediately start melting away.

    Next comes the fun part – a mini facial! The Radiant Cleansing Balm comes with a muslin cleansing cloth to provide the perfect cleansing–to–exfoliation ratio. Rinse the cloth under very warm water, wring it out lightly, and place over your face for a few relaxing moments. Be sure to inhale deeply to get the full effects of the aromatic complex. When you’re ready, wipe the balm and “other stuff” completely away. Then finally rinse cloth under cold water and press over face to help close pores and go to bed knowing you’ll get up the next day with soft, balanced, gloriously clean skin.

    Warning: Radiant Cleansing Balm is addictive. Do not attempt unless you are prepared to fall in love with it and use it forever and ever.