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    Colleen's Morning Skincare Routine

    I love mornings.

    It’s the beginning of a new day, with new opportunities and adventures to be had. One of the first things I do is get my skin ready for the day. My routine is all about cleansing, brightening and protecting my skin.

    So what do I use?

    First, I splash my face and neck with water and apply my Balancing Gel Cleanser. I use by massaging a small amount in a circular motion. I love this cleanser because it thoroughly cleanses my skin, leaving it ultra smooth and revitalized, while also protecting it. It’s also a great prep for my next treatment, the Vitamin C Treatment Complex.

    This treatment is great because it works to improve your natural radiance and clarity, while also defending against environmental aggressors, like the sun! To use I simply apply a small amount into my hand and gently massage an even layer over my face and neck.

    The next thing I use is my Complete Eye Cream. I love this eye cream because it not only addresses the signs of fine lines, but also reduces the appearance of under-eye darkness and restores elasticity. I use my ring finger to apply around my eye area in a gentle patting motion.

    After the Complete Eye Cream, I apply the Sheer Renewal Cream. This can be used at morning or night and provides continuous hydration. It’s oil-free and has a powder finish, which leaves my skin feeling light and breathable! It’s often said to be a great make-up primer too. Apply to a cleansed face, neck and décolleté.

    Last but most certainly not least, I apply my Daily Defense SPF 25. It is so important to protect your skin from the sun and it’s harmful rays. The sun, over time, can cause wrinkles, freckles and blemishes. It’s oil-free, absorbs quickly and is ultra-lightweight, leaving my skin with a soft matte finish.

    That’s it! After I apply my make-up and grab some coffee, I'm ready to head out for the day, knowing my skin is protected and taken care of, for whatever lies ahead.

    There was such a high request for my morning skincare routine, that I made it a Beauty Bundle! You can shop all these products, at a valued price, here: Morning Refresh Bundle.

    I hope you enjoy it as much I do.


    Why I Love Face Oils

    There’s a lot of confusion about face oils these days, because many people hear the words “face oil” and go “eek”. But what I want you to know is that there are certain face oil products on the market today that can be downright divine, for curbing dryness, or for helping whatever ails your skin – including extreme oiliness and breakouts.

    If you’re not yet familiar with skincare’s best-kept secret, here are a few facts for getting a better understanding of what they do, and more important, what they can do for you.  

    Fact 1: Your skin needs its own natural oils to hydrate and protect it.

    If you strip the oil away, your skin will automatically produce more oil to compensate. When the moisture balance gets whacky, you can start to see breakouts and all kinds of unpleasantness. Face oils can help control pore-clogging sebum, resulting in clearer skin.

    Fact 2: Face oils won’t make your skin oily.

    Truth is, face oils can give you the glow you want, without all the shine you don’t. I love how my Face Oil N°9 seems to just slip into my skin, delivering a big drink of moisture, and a big hit of radiance without the slick residue you might expect.

    Fact 3: Face oils can slow the signs of aging.

    No kidding. These babies have intense antioxidants to deeply nourish every skin cell, leaving nothing behind but the appearance of a seriously smoother, younger-looking you.

    Fact 4: Different oils do different things.

    Black Seed and Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils, for instance, provide antioxidant protection and intense moisture. Moringa and Marula oils, on the other hand, restore luminosity and balance your complexion beautifully.

    Fact 5: Face oils can be worn alone or with your favorite moisturizer.

    They can be used both morning and night. When your skin feels extra dry, you can use an oil the morning alone, or give it an extra one-two punch and by layering it over your night moisturizer. (I like to use my Face Oil N°9 in the evening, when skin is most receptive to renewal.)

    Fact 6: Face oils aren’t just for faces.

    They’re head-to-toe multitaskers. Sometimes I dab a bit of Face Oil N°9 around my eyes, sometimes I mix it with my body lotion; sometimes I touch a bit to the ends of my hair to fix flyaways. It never fails me.

    – xo

    10 Things That Are So Colleen

    I’ve been seeing many Instagram and Youtube friends post and reveal little unknown facts about their lives. I’ve been talking so much about my new skincare line, that I’ve never really stopped to tell you all a little bit about who I am. Well here I go…

    1) I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts with the greatest sisters in the world; they’re all my BFFs. I now live in Dallas, Texas – where, other than the occasional ice storm, I prefer the weather.

    2) I have two kids in college. My daughter is majoring in International Business and she loves the beauty biz. My son’s major is Political Science and he’s obsessed with all things history. 

    3) My little Yorkie named Harley comes to work with me every day, and, nightly snoring aside, he’s a cutie!! You might have seen a few pictures posted of him on my Instagram page – he’s a big social media star now!

    4) My husband Stan is my business partner! We got married in Las Vegas – and, no, Elvis was not in the building.

    5) When I was a little girl I wanted to be an architect. I still love beautiful design and art, and try to incorporate it in everything I do. Like my Colleen Rothschild packaging!

    6) I’m a big rock concert lover. My first was Foreigner, shortly after the release of their first album. The last band I saw up close and personal was the Eagles. Still can’t stop humming Hotel California.

    7) I’ve never cooked a meal in my house, but I love to watch YouTube cooking shows! My current favorites are Byron Talbott and Benji Man TV.

    8) I’m a digital hoarder. By this, I mean I never delete an email, photo or file. If someone sent it, I saved it…somewhere.

    9) My secret indulgence is getting my hair professional dried and styled. Timing blowouts with Hot Yoga sessions is always a challenge!

    10) I just discovered Nutella, and I wish I never did. It is so yummy, is seems like I can never get enough!

    Do I sound normal to you? – xo

    Welcome and Thank You!

    For every like, follow, message and comment – thank you!

    Today is the day I officially launch my website and my blog, and the first thing I want to do is tell you how much all of us here at Colleen Rothschild Beauty truly appreciate your support and friendship. It truly does make all of our hard work so much more rewarding.

    On this blog, I’m looking forward to sharing my inspirations, good-to-know beauty information, a few of the things I love, and often, I’m sure, very random observations.

    Today, as we wait for the first orders to ship, I’m nervous and almost giddy with excitement. We can’t wait for the show to get started, but mostly we’re dying to hear what you think about the new collection we’ve been slaving over during the past three years. Promise you won’t make us wait long?

    – xo