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    Et Cetera A Blog By Colleen Rothschild

    Spring Skincare Edit

    Spring has officially arrived! Start the new season with these springtime essentials to maintain brighter, glowing and healthy looking skin in 3 easy steps.


    Begin by shedding your winter skin and exfoliate with the Dual Enzyme Polish. This exfoliator efficiently sloughs dull cells from the skin’s surface with microspheres, while deeply exfoliating with its fruit enzyme and AHA cocktail. You’ll love the light papaya scent and creamy texture, plus your skin will be left refined and radiant.   






    Follow with the multi-purpose Beauty Water. It delivers immediate and long-term hydration by preserving optimal H20 balance, reducing trans-epidermal water loss, and boosting hydration under moisturizers. This pick-me-up for dehydrated, tight, uncomfortable skin, cools and calms, sets and refreshes makeup and leaves your complexion with a healthy glow.  


    PopSugar's Assistant Beauty Editor, Jessica Cruel, chose our Sheer Renewal Cream as her favorite moisturizer in her Spring Skin Care Routine. This oil-free, moisturizer provides continuous, weightless, hydration and promotes new cell turnover to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, all with a velvety powder finish.


    Gentle exfoliation is the quickest way to brighten your skin for a special event! Makeup will glide on smoother and allow your skin to glow!




    Our treatments are targeted to correct your specific skin conditions, whether it's to encourage skin renewal, improve natural radiance or promote clear skin. Choose a treatment that's right for your skin.


    Cell turnover gets a boost with RETINOL TREATMENT COMPLEX. The appearance of wrinkles is minimized, pores are cleared, and dull skin is improved. Results are a brighter looking complexion. Contains the maximum levels of retinoid without a prescription.


    VITAMIN C TREATMENT COMPLEX improves natural radiance and clarity while defending against environmental aggressors. Helps to reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and increases cell turnover, leaving skin more even and radiant. It's like a little bit of sunshine in a tube.


    Refresh, refine, and prevent with SALICYLIC TREATMENT COMPLEX. This problem-solver tackles the appearance of large pores, discoloration and rough texture, while promoting clear skin. Good for all age groups that have issues with problematic skin.


    "My skin can vary on any given day, so I choose a treatment to address my specific skin condition at that time. I love to layer the special treatment under my favorite moisturizer for rapid and noticeable results."



    Thirsty Skin Requires Extreme Recovery Cream

    Spring is just around the corner, so rejoice but also beware! Many people experience hard-to-manage and often uncomfortable dry skin conditions when seasons change. And although you may be able to switch up your wardrobe to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity, both indoors and out, your skin may need help keeping up.

    That's where our Extreme Recovery Cream proves its real worth. It infuses skin with maximum levels of continuous moisture while strengthening the natural hydro-lipid barrier. In short, it provides the essentials skin needs to protect itself. Ultra rich, yet highly absorbent.  

    Super softening, with no icky slickness. But wait, there’s more! Extreme Recovery Cream is also an anti-aging powerhouse. Advanced peptides, tried and true hyaluronic acid and a rare Wu-Bai Complex help target fine lines and wrinkles, lighten the appearance of age spots and help rejuvenate dehydrated skin.


    "Scoop out a dime-size amount, then massage it between your fingers to bring it to skin temp. Now here’s the big secret: thoughtfully massage the cream into – not on top of – the skin, to encourage absorbtion beneath the epidermis. On days when I feel extra dry? I layer my trusty Face Oil N°9 over Extreme Recovery Cream and my skin does a happy dance!"


    Say Hello to Hydration

    All facial mists are not created equal. Here are 6 good reasons that set our multi-purpose Beauty Water apart from the rest, and why a quick spritz will instantly refresh, moisturize, and protect. So whenever you need an extra boost, reach for the Beauty Water!


    Coconut Water delivers an immediate and long-lasting moisture boost by preserving optimal H2O balance, reducing trans-epidermal water loss.


    Cucumber Extract cools & calms uncomfortable, dehydrated, tight skin. One spritz is a great pick-me-up for dry, flaky, irritated skin.


    Hyaluronic Acid and its anti-aging benefits plumps the skin giving a natural glow.


    This wonder mist balances the skin while replenishing, without ruining or disrupting makeup. It's also great to set makeup in place, so no midday makeup meltdown!


    The aroma of English Rose and Wild Lavender, leaves you thinking you've spent the day at the spa.


    It's great for all climates and will hydrate and energize all skin types; leaving skin dewy and soft.


    "I love to take the Beauty Water on the place (it's TSA size approved) and give myself a spritz to hydrate my skin and refresh my makeup after a long flight!"


    A True Multisensory Experience

    adj. Relating to or involving several bodily senses
    We love the word “multisensory” because it sums up the beauty of our Radiant Cleansing Balm so well. It describes the way it looks, feels, smells, and of course, how it gives you the clean, radiant-looking skin you’ve been waiting for!

    The first thing you’ll notice about the cleansing balm is its luxurious smooth texture, and the spa-like aroma of fresh cloves and rosemary. This aromatic complex not only smells intoxicating, it also calms the senses and decongests – you’ll actually look forward to caring for your skin every night!

    What also makes this cleansing balm so special is the amazing job it does of completely dissolving all types of makeup (even eye makeup) and clearing congested pores. Traditional cleansers can sometimes strip your skin, leaving your face feeling tight and dry. But our cleansing balm gives your skin the ultimate in deep down cleansing, while keeping it well nourished and happy.

    Don’t be afraid of cleansing balms if you have oily or problem skin! Again, when skin has been stripped clean with some cleansers, it can actually produce more pore-clogging sebum, which results in all kinds of unpleasantness. By not stripping away good skin oils, that helps control sebum balance, leaving only clearer, fresher-looking skin behind.

    So how do you use a cleansing balm? Start by scooping a dollop onto clean, dry hands, and then rub your hands together to get the balm all nice and warm and fragrant. Then just massage the balm directly into your skin. You’ll see the yucky dirt and grime immediately start melting away.

    Next comes the fun part – a mini facial! The Radiant Cleansing Balm comes with a muslin cleansing cloth to provide the perfect cleansing–to–exfoliation ratio. Rinse the cloth under very warm water, wring it out lightly, and place over your face for a few relaxing moments. Be sure to inhale deeply to get the full effects of the aromatic complex. When you’re ready, wipe the balm and “other stuff” completely away. Then finally rinse cloth under cold water and press over face to help close pores and go to bed knowing you’ll get up the next day with soft, balanced, gloriously clean skin.

    Warning: Radiant Cleansing Balm is addictive. Do not attempt unless you are prepared to fall in love with it and use it forever and ever.