Spring Detox - Get Your Glow On!

Detoxifying your body can give that extra energy boost you desperately need. From environmental pollutants to the chemicals in the food we consume, our bodies are forced to sort out the mess and cleanse itself. I have recently taken on a challenge to make healthier choices, and step one of that process is to come clean with some detoxing!

Most people see "detoxing" as a scary word that solely means eliminating things from your body. It is also true that a detox includes adding healthy choices to your lifestyle. Detoxing is all about resting and nourishing the body. It restores the body’s balance and improves our energy levels. So, I wanted to take a holistic look at a proper total body detox without fad dieting.

Yoga and jump rope are two excellent ways to get your blood circulating while removing toxins trapped in the lymph system. Since our lymphatic system only circulates one way, it is important to move the body up and down through inversions. While running and weight lifting are important to building strength and endurance, exercises like yoga and jumping rope promote a total body detox from the inside out.

They say that eating well is a form of self-respect. Some of the worst toxin-laden culprits are sugar, flour, and caffeine. And even though it may seem impossible to cut coffee cold turkey, you can start by cutting back on your afternoon caffeine fix.

Keep a food journal and find those unnecessary sugar fixes or fast food cravings that you can replace with a cup of fruit or protein. Certain dairy products contain hormones that can throw off your body’s balance and contribute to acne and fatigue. So choose grain-fed meat products and organic dairy when you can.

One of my favorite new quotes is, "You can't expect to feel like a million bucks if you're eating from the dollar menu!"

I can't stress enough how important water is to keep your body regulated! I try to drink at least 2 quarts of water each day to flush out and replenish cells. 

In addition to dietary changes, there are several other ways you can nourish your skin from the inside out. A natural skin detox involves connecting with both internal nutrients and topical products.

I briefly mentioned how important water is to your internal health, but it also has a direct impact on your skin's appearance. Especially if you have dry skin like me or are more susceptible to breakouts, drink more water!

Of course, you also want to use the right beauty products. I highly recommend this Clarifying Detox Mask for anyone who wants a natural skin detox. It is formulated to gently remove dirt and debris from pores with activated charcoal and French Kaolin clay. And Micronized Silver helps fight breakout-causing bacteria.

So what are your tips for a full body detox? Do you prefer a certain juice cleanse or know a great place to sweat it out in hot yoga? Tell me your secrets in the comments below!



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