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    Et Cetera A Blog By Colleen Rothschild

    Team Players for Your Skin Concerns

    Certain skincare ingredients can pair well and increase the efficiency of one another. So if you want to start seeing real results, it’s time to employ a team of products that will work together...

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    #ASKColleen - Fourth Edition

    How do I start a skincare routine? Should I use Vitamin C at morning or at night? What products work best in a dry climate? Colleen covers it all in the fourth edition of ASKColleen...

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    How to Start a Bullet Journal

    I decided that getting organized would be my number one New Year’s resolution for 2017. Step one in achieving that goal: Start a bullet journal...

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    #ASKColleen - Third Edition

    How should I moisturize in the morning? What order should I apply serums? How does Retin A fit into my skincare routine? Colleen covers it all...

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    What Makes a Luxury Candle

    People have asked me what defines a luxury candle. I often say that, for me, the term “luxury” is defined by craftsmanship and quality...

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