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    Et Cetera A Blog By Colleen Rothschild

    How to Treat Spots, Scars, and Discoloration

    With the summer season winding down, maybe you’re noticing some effects of the extra time you’ve spent outdoors. Freckles are no longer a cute summertime accessories! And if you have sensitive skin, you could be more susceptible to longtime spots or scarring...

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    What to Do After a Sunburn

    Unfortunately, a sunburn is more than just a temporary inconvenience. UV rays can cause damage to your skin’s surface, as well as the deeper layers of your skin…

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    5 Tips for Beauty Sleep

    If you're getting less than the recommended 8 hours every night, signs of sleep depravation may start manifesting as dark under eye circle, dull complexion, or inflammation in your skin...

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    Ageless Skincare You Need To Know

    As our skin matures, its needs change at different stages of life. Adding skin enhancing ingredients to your regimen is important to maintain a youthful, radiant appearance. It's not about hiding our age or reversing the clock - it's about aging gracefully...

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