Your New "Breast" Friend - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Your New "Breast" Friend - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Colleen Rothschild Beauty

Stop and think of eight precious women in your life. Your mom, sisters, cousins, best friends - it shouldn't be too difficult to imagine.

Statistics show that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. 

We all know that the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the movement has made incredible strides at promoting awareness of the problem. Knowledge of early detection and scientific research have made it so that the 5-year survival rate of women diagnosed is almost 90%. 

That rate is amazing - and it reiterates the importance of of self-exams, regular mammograms, and early diagnosis. 

photo by: @TheMomEdit

So, why "Breast" Friend?
About seven years ago while performing a self-breast exam, I found something that felt a little out of place. 

I immediately called my doctor to schedule a mammogram. The irony is what I felt were just normal lumps and bumps. But, the mammogram found two more suspicious clusters in my breast. I had a lumpectomy, and the clusters were benign. 

I quickly realized how important that at-home self exam was. And even though awareness is at an all-time high - how many of us are regularly performing our self-exams every month?

I thought that I could help create a skincare product the not only makes the self-exam simple and easy but will also encourage you to #KnowThyBoobs! 

photo by: @TheMiddlePageBlog

What does it do?
The combination of luxurious butters and oils helps fingers slip-and-slide over the breast during exams. The extra glide helps with the detection of lumps and bumps under the skin. 

Plus, as a bonus, it smells REALLY nice. Like a fresh, feminine, floral. I think you're going to love it so much, you may just want to rub it everywhere! 

All of the directions on the packaging were hand-drawn by me. My hope is that the cute little jar stands out on your vanity or countertop and reminds you to dive in and perform those self-checks every month! (But don't forget to regularly schedule mammograms too!)

If you're not familiar with self-exams, here's a look at how to perform an at-home self-breast exam.

What's in it?
> Murumuru Butter
> Shea Butter
> Bacuri Butter

> Jojoba Seed Oil
> Borage Seed Oil
> Kukui Nut Oil
> Sweet Almond Oil
> Coconut Oil

> Mother of Pearl
> Coffee
> Seaweed
> Watermelon

photo by: @TheMomEdit

It makes for a great, quirky gift for your mom, best girlfriend, or even your favorite nurse! 

Early detection is crucial. Routine mammograms and monthly self-examination are checklist items you can’t afford to put off. Go ahead and get to #KnowThyBoob! 


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  • Julie M Patton on

    I am 40 and was diagnosed 6 years ago with breast cancer.. had a lumpectomy, 6 months of chemo and 30 days radiation… This is a cute idea and I love the drawing.. :) So fun.. Thanks for coming up with a luxurious, yummy cream to make this more fun and looks like it will make the self exams so much easier!! Thank you!!! PS I am so glad you had a good diagnosis!!

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