5 Tips for Beauty Sleep

We all know how essential a good night's sleep is for a good day - and a good attitude! A stressful workday, a negative situation, or smartphone overload can cause sleep to be elusive.  

If you're getting less than the recommended 8 hours every night, signs of sleep depravation may start manifesting as dark under eye circle, dull complexion, or inflammation in your skin. 

Today, I've compiled the steps that I take to prep myself for a blissful night of rest. Hopefully some of these tips will work for you too! 

Step 1: Beauty Routine for Beauty Sleep
No surprise here! I start my bedtime ritual with a relaxing skincare routine, of course. Clean, refreshed, and hydrated skin is a great way to begin winding down.

Start your evening routine by removing makeup and debris in one step with the Radiant Cleansing Balm. It leaves skin feeling
 soft and balanced without tightness or dryness.

A few times per week, I like apply a thick layer of the Clarifying Detox Mask to deep clean my skin and get rid of bacteria. While allowing it to work for 10-15 minutes, I may treat myself to a bubble bath or get a head start on my evening reading. (See Step #3!) After rinsing, my skin usually feels brighter and squeaky clean. 

Lastly, we need to hydrate! Locking in hydration at night is crucial for a youthful appearance. Try taking a small dollop of Extreme Recovery Cream combined with one pump of the Retinol Supreme Night Oil. This cocktail dream team boosts moisture levels while retinol works at regenerating fresh, younger looking skin. 

Remember, if you're using retinol at night, don't forget the SPF in the morning! Especially during these warm summer months when we're spending more time in the sun. 

photo by: @LoverlyGrey

Step 2: Massage In Head-to-Toe Hydration
Is there anything better than a relaxing massage? I instantly feel sleepy just thinking about it.

Give yourself a little hand and foot massage with the Nourishing Body Lotion to relieve tired muscles. You can even slip on a pair of fuzzy socks to help the moisture absorb overnight, so you wake up with baby soft feet - a must have during sandals season.

Pay special attention to rough areas like knees and elbows too. The lotion's silk-like texture and powder fresh scent are sure to soothe you right to sleep.

photo by: @AThoughtfulPlace

Step 3: Curl Up With a Good Book

I'm sure you've heard this tip before, but I can tell you that it really does work! At least 20 minutes before bed, I try to unplug from my phone, laptop, all the digital distractions and take time to read. 

Currently, I'm in the middle of The Couple Next Door. I'll be honest, it has so many twists and turns, sometimes it's hard to put down late at night! I love true crime and books with lots of mystery and suspense. Next on my list is The Woman in Cabin 10. I keep hearing fabulous things about it.

(PS - I'd love to hear your summer reading list in the comments below!)

I also love sipping on camomile tea with a little bit of honey. Something about the warmth of the tea and the relaxing scent puts me right to sleep! 

Step 4: Meditate on the Day
If you're not a literary gal, you may like to just sit quietly and reflect for 5-10 minutes. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety - two of the things probably keeping you up at night. 

There are tons of great apps and tools that can help with meditation and relaxation. I've tried the Calm app, which has breathing exercises and even bedtime stories to help you unwind while you reflect. 

I've heard that there really is no wrong way to meditate. You can clear your mind, or think of things you are thankful for, or envision your goals and ambitions. It's a time to manifest peace and joyfulness in your own life. 

Step 5: When All Else Fails, Sleep Like a Baby
If you’re a light sleeper, you may be easily distracted by even the faintest sounds.  White noise just may be your solution. 

Yep, the same white noise machine you used to put your kids to sleep could help lull you to sleep too. 

You may also like the soft bubbling of an essential oil diffuser. Lavender oil is therapeutic and has often been used as a solution for insomnia. Not to mention, the fragrance is just lovely. 

And just like that, you'll be counting sheep in no time! What do you do to prepare yourself for a restful slumber? I’d love to hear in the comments below!



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