Thirsty Skin Requires Extreme Recovery Cream

Spring is just around the corner, so rejoice but also beware! Many people experience hard-to-manage and often uncomfortable dry skin conditions when seasons change. And although you may be able to switch up your wardrobe to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity, both indoors and out, your skin may need help keeping up.

That's where our Extreme Recovery Cream proves its real worth. It infuses skin with maximum levels of continuous moisture while strengthening the natural hydro-lipid barrier. In short, it provides the essentials skin needs to protect itself. Ultra rich, yet highly absorbent.  

Super softening, with no icky slickness. But wait, there’s more! Extreme Recovery Cream is also an anti-aging powerhouse. Advanced peptides, tried and true hyaluronic acid and a rare Wu-Bai Complex help target fine lines and wrinkles, lighten the appearance of age spots and help rejuvenate dehydrated skin.


"Scoop out a dime-size amount, then massage it between your fingers to bring it to skin temp. Now here’s the big secret: thoughtfully massage the cream into – not on top of – the skin, to encourage absorption beneath the epidermis. On days when I feel extra dry? I layer my trusty Face Oil N°9 over Extreme Recovery Cream and my skin does a happy dance!"


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