Colleen's Summer Essentials

I love SUMMER!

Summer is a great time for hanging out with friends and family!

I--like most of you--am getting ready for this 4th of July weekend and wanted to share all of my favorite essentials whether you are poolside or have your toes in the sand! 

Sunglasses: I love my Chanel glasses! They feel classic, yet glamorous and are great for everyday.

Drink: I love all things Sparkling ICE. My favorite flavor is the Pink Grapefruit and my fridge is always stocked with this delicious refreshing drink! Definitely helps beat this Texas heat!;)

Book: Currently I am reading Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston, and I love it! What summer reads do you recommend? 

Magazine: Who doesn’t love a magazine why they are relaxing pool side or at the beach? I love reading MORE Magazine—it gives me an update on all things style, health, and work in one.

Skin Protection: Protecting your skin from that hot sun is so important to keeping it from getting spotty and wrinkly! I use my Daily Defense SPF 25 on my face religiously! Let’s face it, really tanned skin can make you look older. So let’s not do that, ok?  

Style: While I am protecting myself from the sun I like to stay looking cute! This JCREW fedora is one of my favorite go-to items as I head out for a day by the pool or beach! Grab a cute hat and cover-up  to match your suit and you are good to go all day!

Beauty Water: Definition of refreshing! You know that sticky feeling when you are out in the sun for a while? One spritz of this leaves my skin cool, hydrated and with a healthy glow.

What are your essentials for this 4th of July weekend?




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