Q & A With Colleen

Q & A With Colleen  

Hi Everyone! Happy Fall. Today on the blog I am answering some of your questions!  We often are asked about suggested skincare routines, what's best for your specific skin condition and how our products work. I have taken ten of the most asked and listed them below. I love talking with you all, so feel free to send more of your questions to us either through social media using #AskColleen or shoot us an email at info@colleenrothschild.com. I can't wait to hear from you! xo-Colleen  

Q: Fall is here! What can I do to prepare for my skin for the colder months ahead?

A: A good way to get ready for the cooler temperatures is to exfoliate. Gently removing dull dry skin left over from the warm summer months can help reveal a beautiful glow instanly! Our Dual Enzyme Polish does the trick!

Q: I love to use the Clarsonic. Do you have a product that would work well with it?

A: The Balancing Gel Cleanser works wonders with the Clarsonic device. A little goes a long way. And most of all it leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and ready for your special treatments.

Q: What made you want to get into the skincare industry?

A: I can’t remember when I haven’t been in the beauty industry. For most of my career I worked behind the scenes in manufacturing, helping other companies create their beauty brands. I eventually took all that experience and hard work to create my own line and have enjoyed every second of it!

Q: Will you be coming out with any new products soon?

A: Yes! We will have several new products coming out over the next few of months. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you posted! ☺

Q: Can you recommend a mask good for oily skin? I also get break outs from time to time.

A: The Clarifying Detox Mask works wonders at helping to balance your skin. You can use it twice a week on clean skin….it also helps to draw out dirt and grime that’s down deep! It can also be used as a spot treatment on those pesky little pimples.  

Q: I am new to the brand, what products do you recommend I start with?

A: We like to recommend the Discovery Collection for those who are new to the brand, and don’t know what to buy. It includes 7 deluxe “Try-Me” size products and is a great way to get acquainted with our line.  

Q: Do your products work well with sensitive skin types?

A: Our products were created for all ages and skin conditions.  

Q: In what order should I use the End of Day Ritual Bundle?


1) Radiant Cleansing Balm

2) Dual Enzyme Polish

3) Retinol Treatment Complex

4) Extreme Recovery Cream

5) Face Oil No9

Q: What is one of the best tips you can give for having and keeping healthy skin.

A: One thing I always tell my daughter is to wash her face as soon as she gets home. Sometimes if we wait till just before bedtime we are too tired to wash our faces and one day of not washing your face can lead to days of wishing you had!!

Q: What product is a must have for Anti-Aging?

A: I feel that women of all ages should use a Retinol product. It helps keep skin clear and smooth. And don’t forget, while using a Retinol product to keep your skin moisturized and protected during the day with an SPF. (Try my Retinol Treatment Complex and Daily Defense SPF)


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