6 Simple Steps to Healthier Skin

6 Simple Steps to Healthier Skin  

2015 is in full swing and so are all of those resolutions you made! Making healthier changes in the new year doesn’t have to be hard…here are six simple steps to healthier skin and a healthier you in the new year.  

1) Drink More Water.  Hydrating from the inside is important for glowing, healthy skin. Drinking the recommended eight glasses a day might seem a little difficult, but the benefits will be worth it! Add some lemon or cucumber to your water to change it up a bit and to give yourself an extra boost.  

2) Wash Your Face. Forgetting to wash your face, even one day, can cause havoc to our skin. And once a pesky pimple shows up…who knows how long it will last! Our Radiant Cleansing Balm is my favorite cleanser. It removes ALL makeup and the days’ dirt and debris!  

3) Get More Sleep. Try to get a good nights rest every night. Lack of sleep can cause our skin to look lackluster, puffy and give us dark circles. The more sleep you can get the better chances that your skin will glow!  

4) Moisturize. Keeping the skin’s moisture balanced is key to clean, healthy, radiant skin. It’s even more important to use now in this cold winter season when our skin is more susceptible to becoming dry and flaky. Our Sheer Renewal Cream offers weightless hydration to all skin types both morning and night.  

5) Snack Smart. Believe it or not, what you eat affects your skin. But you knew that! Throw a few healthy snacks in your purse when you are traveling, heading to the office,  or even running errands…that way you can avoid bad temptations at the coffee stands or in the checkout line.  

6) Relax More, Stress Less. Taking time for yourself away from the days busyness is more important than you think. Too much stress can cause breakouts, as well as other more serious health issues. The next time you have some downtime, make it a point to grab your favorite magazine or book and lounge in your favorite chair, or take a yoga class at a nearby studio.  

What are you doing in 2015 to become a healthier, more confident you? Tell me below.  


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