Benefits of Using the Clarifying Detox Mask

Featuring a powerhouse combination of charcoal, glycolic acid, vitamin C, willow herb and other essential ingredients, the Clarifying Detox Mask should be an integral part of every woman's beauty regimen. It lives up to its namesake by removing toxins from within the skin, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of this versatile product.

Absorbs Impurities

The thought of applying charcoal to your face may turn some women away. After all, isn't this the same stuff that used to light fires in backyard barbecues? While charcoal is frequently used in flame-lit grills, it's also found in water filters, medicine, and cosmetic beauty products like our Clarifying Detox Mask. Why? Charcoal is known for it's absorption powers and is able to absorb oil and toxins 200 times better than any other ingredient.

Deep Cleans Pores

Using the Clarifying Detox Mask will also deep clean your pores. The average person's face contains roughly 20,000 pores, each of which act as a 'pocket' for dead skin, oil, dirt, and makeup. Throughout the course of a day, these impurities will gradually make their way into the pores, promoting the formation of acne blemishes, irritation and inflammation. The Clarifying Detox acts like a magnet, drawing out these impurities deep in your skin.

Improves Complexion

Tired of fighting an endless battle with your skin's uneven skin tone? The Clarifying Detox Mask can help. Uneven skin tone is usually the result of irritation. Whether it's excess sebum (oil) trapped inside the pores, or exposure to some external compound to which you are allergic, using the Clarifying Detox Mask regularly ( 2-3 times a week) at night after cleansing, will help keep your complexion clear, even, and radiant.

Moisturizes Your Skin

Unlike most face masks, the Clarifying Detox Mask is great for moisturizing skin. The appearance and overall health of skin lies heavily on its moisture content. When skin dries out, it may crack, peel, lose its elasticity, and become  more susceptible to breakouts and scars. Packed with a healthy dose of purified H20 and vitamin C, the Clarifying Detox Mask is the perfect addition to your summer skincare routine.

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