#ASKColleen - Fourth Edition


"I'm 52 and wanting to try your skincare, but I don't know where to begin. There are so many products to choose from... What you would suggest to begin with?” -Sigrid

You are not alone, Sigrid! One of the most frequent questions I get is, “What do I buy first?” My recommendation - start with a simple routine.

The Discovery Collection will give you an opportunity to experience a few items from the line, at a value price. In the collection, we have SIX deluxe samples and a Muslin Cleansing Cloth all tucked inside a great CR Travel Bag. The kit includes…

- Radiant Cleansing Balm, a cult favorite for nightly cleansing
- Dual Enzyme Polish, use twice a week to exfoliate dull skin
- Clarifying Detox Mask, use twice per week to deep clean pores
- Sheer Renewal Cream, a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer for morning use
- Extreme Recovery Cream, a rich night cream that delivers intense hydration
- Face Oil No. 9, a luxurious oil that deeply nourishes

And the best part? It’s a $150 value - for only $95!! 

“Hello! I am loving all of your products. I just purchased your Vitamin C Treatment Complex along with your Age Renewal Super Serum. In the mornings, I am wondering what to put on first – Vitamin C or the serum?

I also use your Face Oil No.9. Am I correct when I see that some people combined the Face Oil in the Serum and put it on at night? Is that okay? Thank you!” –Jenny 

You’ve started with two really great products, and I think you are going to love their results. And to answer your question, I prefer to use the Vitamin C Treatment Complex in the morning and the Age Renewal Super Serum in the evening. Here’s my current personal routine:

- Cleanse and prep skin with the Balancing Gel Cleanser
- Apply Vitamin C Treatment Complex, let absorb 
- Moisturize skin with Sheer Renewal Cream

- Take the day off with the Radiant Cleansing Balm
- Revitalize with the Age Renewal Super Serum 
- Hydrate with a cocktail combination of the Extreme Recovery Cream and Face Oil No.9

You could absolutely combine the Age Serum with the Face Oil or any other moisturizer. Apply one pump of each in the palm of your hand, give it a little mix, and massage directly onto the skin!


“I live in Colorado Springs which, in addition to an elevation of almost 7000 feet, is very dry. My skin has aged dramatically since moving here. I have tried several products after reading about them in a blog I follow, “Grace and Beauty” by Cindi Spivey.

I want to look my best for my daughter’s wedding in July.  Could you suggest a “beauty boot camp” routine that would potentially ease the effects of aging, dryness, and sun exposure?” -Denise

I love that you used the term “beauty boot camp”! Your skincare routine is just like a fitness routine – dramatic results can’t be seen overnight. But I think you have plenty of time to look your absolute best before your daughter’s wedding. (And congrats to her!)

Some of the first signs of dehydration (and aging for that matter) can usually be seen around our eyes. I would recommend trying the Complete Eye Cream to hydrate, prevent loss of elasticity, and ward off fine lines. Use it morning and night.

Also, try adding an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) to your routine, like the Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum. Over time, this serum promotes cellular turnover and exfoliation – which addresses problems like dark spots and uneven texture/tone. With continual use, it can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving you with that “mother of the bride” glow every day of the week!

Finally, because you mentioned the dry climate, I would recommend a moisturizing cocktail every night for dehydrated skin. I think a small dollop of the Extreme Recovery Cream and a pump of the Face Oil No. 9 would be a great solution to provide your skin with continuous hydration. (If you have to travel for the wedding, pick up a Discovery Collection too! It includes TSA approved travel sizes of my favorite products – including the Extreme Recovery Cream and Face Oil.)




  • Jennifer on

    I have the same question as Madeline about using toner. I always use a toner at night after I wash my make up off. What do you recommend after the cleansing balm to get that extra clean feeling?
    Thank you!

  • Linda on

    Hi Colleen,
    I have recently purchased your discovery kit and Mandelic Radiance Serum and I am loving all of the products.
    I also use Retin A , my question is should my Retin A
    be applied 1st after cleansing your face and what products in your line should follow in the PM routine.
    Thank you Colleen I just love your product line.

  • Madeline on

    It’s seems like everywhere I turn the media is telling me I need to incorporate a toner into my skincare routine (especially if you have acne prone skin, which I do). I notice you don’t have any toners in your skincare line. Are toners as important as the media says they are? Do I really need one? What would recommend for acne prone skin?

  • Karey on

    I had a question on rosecea. I don’t have it to extreme but I have it and all the redness along with it. Pretty much all of my cheek area. What would benefit me the most and help with the rosecea and the redness?
    Thank you!!

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