Take Time to Hygge

A few years ago, one of my sisters introduced me to the concept of hygge with a book How to Hygge: 33 Ways to Lead a Happy, Healthy, and Contented Life Through the Danish Art of Hygge. The title is a mouthful, but the concept is simple.

The Danish word “hygge” (pronounced hue-gah) is both a feeling and an event you can create. Since this word isn’t represented in the English language, it can best be described as coziness, simplicity, and comfort.

So, what’s the secret? To experience hygge, you simply have to make time and mental space to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

For instance, take a moment to consider everything you love about the holiday season that is just around the corner. Time spent with family and friends, a warm fire, a cozy pair of socks, good conversation – all evoke a feeling of contentment and happiness. Hygge is being able to enjoy that feeling every day.

It’s all the great things about the holiday season without any of the giftwrapping stress!  Hygge promotes contentment too, and Danes are often named the happiest people in the world.

You don’t need an elaborate setup to experience comfort in your own home. Hygge is more about a state of mind than an actual place. It’s about taking time to meditate on everything we have to be thankful for, starting with the small things. Like fresh air, a soft blanket, comfort food, and friends and family sharing joy around a community table.

In the book my sister gave me, hygge is described as, “making a conscious effort to escape the relentless and unforgiving pace,” which many of us feel overwhelmed by. Hygge elevates the everyday, so you can truly take pleasure in the present moment.

Life is short, and I believe even the simplest moments should be celebrated. So as you’re going home from a busy day at the office, remove anxiety from your life and keep hygge in mind. Your home should be a retreat for happiness and companionship.



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