✓ Targets current & future blemishes 

✓ Refines skin texture 

✓ Promotes healthy surface microbiome

✓ Non-drying & fragrance-free 

✓ Soothes irritated skin

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"The main thing I've noticed with these products besides having less breakouts overall is how quickly they clear up a breakout when I do have one. Blemishes that used to take a week or two to clear up are now gone in a matter of days."

Yana C.

"I have an acne-prone/oily skin type and they have not only calmed the redness in my skin but have helped with the inflammation from breakouts."

Victoria L.

"What I really love about this line is that it has very simple, yet effective ingredients. The Gentle & Clear Purifying Cleanser does an amazing job at cleansing your skin without leaving it feeling super dry."

Skyler R.

"Colleen Rothschild has done it again. These have been my go-to products. They work on sensitive skin, blemish-prone skin and mature-skin without clogging your pores."

Cherie G.

"I have sensitive skin so I have to be really careful with the products I put on it. The ingredients in this line are gentle but powerful. My skin has gotten so much smoother and has an overall brightness to it."

Alexia D.

Colleen's Commitment

At the heart of Gentle & Clear lies Colleen Rothschild’s unwavering dedication to boosting individual confidence through effective skincare. With her extensive expertise in product formulation, she has thoughtfully selected the most advanced, science-backed ingredients for each product, meticulously addressing the needs of those seeking treatments to restore, calm, and maintain healthy skin.