Meet Colleen

Long an icon in the beauty industry, Colleen Rothschild is the lovable and lovely genius behind hundreds of the most critically acclaimed skincare products and brands worldwide. For more than 20 years, Colleen has been a part of the evolution of anti-aging skincare…

“I have been very fortunate to have worked alongside some of the most brilliant researchers and chemists in the skincare industry,” says Colleen. “I’ve explored the efficacy of next-generation ingredients from around the world, and seen first-hand the latest technologies as they were being discovered. What was most exciting to me, was seeing how those major advances made such an impact on the way women looked, and ­­­­how they felt about themselves.”

“So over the past several years, I’ve been hiding away in labs and traveling the world, creating formulas that encapsulate everything I’ve ever learned and believed about what skin truly needs. Then I poured those formulas into a new skincare line I’m proud to call Colleen Rothschild®”

Her experience and attention to detail is what has made her beloved throughout the industry…which can be seen not only in the resulting efficacy of her formulas, but in the overall sensory experience of using them. Rich, aromatic, and luxurious they also work fast, hard, and smart.

Like you.