The Formulas

Rather than find one miracle ingredient for all products… because in Colleen’s opinion, for ingredients, “one size doesn’t fit all”. It was her goal to look back throughout her career and analyze what products worked and which ingredients really gave women long-lasting results.

“After twenty years, I know which ingredients will stand the test of time and which are merely the ‘fad diets’ of the skincare world; also, which of today’s cutting-edge ingredients are destined to be tomorrow’s must-have mainstays.”

She hand-selected each and every active ingredient and combined them with her cutting edge proprietary technology to help deliver visible results for youthful and more radiant skin.

“If you are going to invest in high-performance clinical ingredients you do not want them to just sit on top of the skin.” To further enhance the efficacy of her formulas, Colleen created her greatest masterpiece yet; a proprietary delivery system, called Level E3.

As she explains it, “Level E3 extends the effectiveness and efficiency of every ingredient as it’s needed, where it’s needed. In total, “It’s a skincare system that’s stunningly simple, yet from a chemistry perspective, incredibly complex.

I think women are going to appreciate its simplicity, realize it’s what they want and need, and love it as much as I do.” This is skincare on a whole, new level.