Good To Know, Volume 3 - Multi-Sensory

As I started creating formulas for Colleen Rothschild Beauty, I began thinking about how skincare products connect with women. It was my goal to create beautiful products that were effective and also delivered a multi-sensory experience. By layering these sensory experiences into the brand I felt they built an emotional connection with my customers.

Each person’s interaction with the brand is multifaceted. It's all in the details... the warmth of the water, the aroma of the cleanser, and the weight of the packaging. All of these pieces and more come together to form the multi-sensory experience that we all consciously or subconsciously crave.

A great example of a multi-sensory experience is with the way the Radiant Cleansing Balm gently softens from a buttery balm to a silky oil with just the warmth of your fingers. The spa-like aromatic experience has you looking forward to using it every night. The gentle texture of the Dual Enzyme Polish is followed by a clean cool sensation which tells me that those fruit enzymes are going to work, sloughing away dull cells leaving your skin with that youthful glow.

Smell is the sense most closely tied to memories. The powdery finish of my Nourishing Body Lotion takes me back to memories of fresh, clean laundry hanging on the line. Our Face Oil No. 9 takes nine exotic oils and transforms them into a luxurious, aromatic experience which will soon have you wondering how you lived without it for so long.

And while I can’t think of any beauty products that have sound…what I like to hear is when customers tell me the compliments they receive from friends and family telling them how beautiful their skin looks! Who wouldn’t want to hear that? It's my goal that our products can play a small part in helping a persons self-esteem and well being with beautiful, healthy looking skin.



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