Why I Love Face Oils

There’s a lot of confusion about face oils these days, because many people hear the words “face oil” and go “eek”. But what I want you to know is that there are certain face oil products on the market today that can be downright divine, for curbing dryness, or for helping whatever ails your skin – including extreme oiliness and breakouts.

If you’re not yet familiar with skincare’s best-kept secret, here are a few facts for getting a better understanding of what they do, and more important, what they can do for you.  

Fact 1: Your skin needs its own natural oils to hydrate and protect it.

If you strip the oil away, your skin will automatically produce more oil to compensate. When the moisture balance gets whacky, you can start to see breakouts and all kinds of unpleasantness. Face oils can help control pore-clogging sebum, resulting in clearer skin.

Fact 2: Face oils won’t make your skin oily.

Truth is, face oils can give you the glow you want, without all the shine you don’t. I love how my Face Oil N°9 seems to just slip into my skin, delivering a big drink of moisture, and a big hit of radiance without the slick residue you might expect.

Fact 3: Face oils can slow the signs of aging.

No kidding. These babies have intense antioxidants to deeply nourish every skin cell, leaving nothing behind but the appearance of a seriously smoother, younger-looking you.

Fact 4: Different oils do different things.

Black Seed and Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils, for instance, provide antioxidant protection and intense moisture. Moringa and Marula oils, on the other hand, restore luminosity and balance your complexion beautifully.

Fact 5: Face oils can be worn alone or with your favorite moisturizer.

They can be used both morning and night. When your skin feels extra dry, you can use an oil the morning alone, or give it an extra one-two punch and by layering it over your night moisturizer. (I like to use my Face Oil N°9 in the evening, when skin is most receptive to renewal.)

Fact 6: Face oils aren’t just for faces.

They’re head-to-toe multitaskers. Sometimes I dab a bit of Face Oil N°9 around my eyes, sometimes I mix it with my body lotion; sometimes I touch a bit to the ends of my hair to fix flyaways. It never fails me.

– xo


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