10 Things That Are So Colleen

I’ve been seeing many Instagram and Youtube friends post and reveal little unknown facts about their lives. I’ve been talking so much about my new skincare line, that I’ve never really stopped to tell you all a little bit about who I am. Well here I go…

1) I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts with the greatest sisters in the world; they’re all my BFFs. I now live in Dallas, Texas – where, other than the occasional ice storm, I prefer the weather.

2) I have two kids in college. My daughter is majoring in International Business and she loves the beauty biz. My son’s major is Political Science and he’s obsessed with all things history. 

3) My little Yorkie named Harley comes to work with me every day, and, nightly snoring aside, he’s a cutie!! You might have seen a few pictures posted of him on my Instagram page – he’s a big social media star now!

4) My husband Stan is my business partner! We got married in Las Vegas – and, no, Elvis was not in the building.

5) When I was a little girl I wanted to be an architect. I still love beautiful design and art, and try to incorporate it in everything I do. Like my Colleen Rothschild packaging!

6) I’m a big rock concert lover. My first was Foreigner, shortly after the release of their first album. The last band I saw up close and personal was the Eagles. Still can’t stop humming Hotel California.

7) I’ve never cooked a meal in my house, but I love to watch YouTube cooking shows! My current favorites are Byron Talbott and Benji Man TV.

8) I’m a digital hoarder. By this, I mean I never delete an email, photo or file. If someone sent it, I saved it…somewhere.

9) My secret indulgence is getting my hair professional dried and styled. Timing blowouts with Hot Yoga sessions is always a challenge!

10) I just discovered Nutella, and I wish I never did. It is so yummy, is seems like I can never get enough!

Do I sound normal to you? – xo


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