How to Pick the Right Foundation for Your Skin

For decades, women have struggled to choose and apply the right shade of foundation to their skin. After all, no one want’s to look muddy from the neck up, or have less than the necessary amount of coverage.

If you’re wondering how to match your foundation to your skin tone, then I’m here to help you out. We’re going beyond the surface to understand the fundamentals of shading your makeup according to your unique skin tone and showing you precisely how to make the most of your foundation. Let’s start by analyzing the common makeup ‘tricks’ that most women use to select their shade of foundation.

How NOT to Match Your Foundation

Many women mistakenly believe they can ‘test’ their foundation by placing a dab on their wrist, jawline, or neck. There are several problems with these techniques.

For starters, your inner wrist contains hundreds of veins that can offset the true color of your face—where your foundation will be applied. Additionally, your inner wrist is likely the last place on your body to receive any direct sunlight. So why would you use it as the testing ground for your all-important foundation? Ditch this old habit!

Next up is the jawline. One of the main reasons testing your foundation against your jawline doesn’t work is because of the shadow cast that is around this area. If your face has a wide array of pink or red tones, then you could end up choosing your foundation incorrectly. Not only will it not match the rest of your face, but also it could cause unnecessary shadows that aren’t ideal for proper makeup application.

Finally, because the skin on your neck doesn’t match the skin on your face, you could very well end up selecting the wrong shade of makeup if you use it as the testing ground for your foundation.

The Importance of Shading

Now that you know what not to do when matching your foundation, let’s look at how to do so correctly. The first step is to understand the importance of shading. If you choose a shade that is too light, you’ll look pasty. Choose a shade too dark, and you’ll look muddy I referenced earlier. The goal is to match your foundation to a part of your body that receives the same amount of light that your face does. The chest area is the prime candidate.

Apply a small dab of your selected foundation to your chest area. Wait a few minutes to allow the foundation to absorb into your skin. Once it’s full absorbed observe the color change and ensure it matches your skin tone. This will help you link up the right shade to your actual skin color.

Use a Primer to Make it Last!

Now that you’ve found the perfect shade of foundation for your skin, you undoubtedly want to make it last. Well, the best way to do this is to use a high quality foundation primer. Our Sheer Renewal Cream double times not only offers a serious anti-aging moisturizer but is ideal for helping keep foundation looking fresh and prevents fading. Complete your shade selection with our luxurious primer to make the most of your makeup!

I hope these tips help you achieve the perfect shade of foundation while enriching your natural beauty, go get your glow on ladies!


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