Must-have Pieces for Your Capsule Wardrobe

They say a woman's closet is always full, but somehow she still manages to have nothing to wear. By ensuring you’re closet is filled with versatile staple pieces, you will be able to beat this styling dilemma. Here are a few staple wardrobe pieces that I think every woman should have.

  • White tops: At the heart of your wardrobe should be a couple of nice white button downs and good quality white tees. Why white? Simple. It matches almost everything. White never goes out of style and can easily be dressed up or down.
  • Dress pant: Whether it be in the office or just a casual brunch, dress pants will be an item worn often from your wardrobe. It’s best to invest in two to three pairs of neutral color pants like black and grey. Fit is key, so remember to figure into the costs of the pants the tailoring that will be needed to hem or adjust them to your size. Straight leg pants are the best style when it comes to dress pants long term.
  • Black Blazer: Whether it is for work or play, every wardrobe capsule should include a black fitted blazer. Shop for lighter weight fabrics so you’ll be able to wear them year round. One of the most important things about having a great blazer is the fit. Like the dress pants, its’s a great investment to take to a tailor and make sure it's fitted to a tee.
  • Little black dress: The little black dress is a timeless classic and wardrobe staple. When all else fails, a little black dress is the “go to” for any occasion. Try a more updated version of the LBD with a wrap dress version; this will emphasis your curves while hiding any trouble areas with its tailored lines.
  • Trench: Women's trench coats are not only chic, but feminine and timeless. When fitted with a waist belt, a classic trench can define and create a waist on any body figure. A quality trench coat can be suited for any weather (rain, sun or even snow) or season. Try to purchase with weather proofing qualities – layering the coat for colder seasons or use it as a sleek coat to wear during your commute.
  • Great jeans: Jeans can be worn with basically everything, from a plain t-shirt with flats, to your favorite blazer with pumps and will probably be one of the most worn items in your wardrobe capsule. It’s key to find a style/wash that not only are comfortable and fit your body shape right, but also that you feel confident in. There are so many styles of jeans, so having a few pairs to mix and match for the season or occasion is always a good idea.

Once you’ve secured these basic pieces to your capsule wardrobe, you’ll be able to mix and match colors and patterns to suit any event. With each classic piece, you can count on never going out of style, making choosing the look you want to wear easier than ever!

What pieces would you add to your list? Tell me on Twitter @ColRothschild. 

-Colleen xo


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