How to Minimize the Appearance of Age Spots

Age spots. Those two words strike fear into the heart of aging women everywhere. The appearance of age spots can dampen your mood but the good news is there are plenty of solutions to offset their appearance once they begin to form on your skin. Find out how to get rid of age spots easily in today’s post.

Reduce Age Spots the Right Way

First, it is important to understand how age spots form of the skin. The most common causes of age spots are too much sun exposure, smoking, a diet low in vitamins and minerals, and of course aging. They are typically found on the hands, face, neck and arms.

If you want to know how to get rid of age spots, you need to determine the source. However, because they represent the same damage to your skin the right type of product can effectively eliminate them regardless of the cause.

To reduce age spots the right way, choose the right products for your skin condition. There are plenty of skin creams available, and some do offer promise. I have worked with an expert team to create a powerful product line that can reverse the signs of time that cause age spots. My preferred product for reducing age spots is my Retinol Treatment Complex. By utilizing the power of retinol, this product encourages skin renewal, calms and soothes uncomfortable skin, and reduces inflammation that can further exacerbate age spots.

Additionally, retinol has the power to prevent age spots from reaching maturity. If you can do that, you can effectively eliminate any chance of these unsightly brown spots popping up all over your skin.

Prevention is the Key to Youthful Skin

As with any other treatment, the key to reducing and preventing age spots is to protect your skin right now. The primary cause of premature aging and age spots is the sun. If you are constantly out in the sunlight without protection, you’ll notice fine lines and wrinkles develop much more quickly in addition to your age spots. You can prevent that from being your reality by applying my Daily Defense SPF 25 to your face, neck, hands and arms on a daily basis.

Most of us are unaware of how much time we spend in the sun. Even commuting to and from work is enough to age the skin and create premature spots. A quick application every morning of SPF will protect you throughout the day and keep your skin looking healthy and young for many years to come.

Cleansing your skin, using SPF consistently, and developing a proper makeup and moisturizing routine will help reduce age spots and prevent new ones from taking root on the surface of your skin. As with all things beauty related, prevention and proper maintenance are the key to a healthier natural appearance.

Consider my Daily Defense SPF 25 to prevent spots and use my Retinol Treatment Complex to reverse the damage that has been done. The result will be a healthier and more beautiful complexion.

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- Colleen xo

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