How to Pick the Right Red Lipstick

When you hear “red lipstick”, many of us instantly imagine a bold, bright red bombshell lipstick, but the reality for many of us is that the iconic color just does not look good on everyone. In fact, some might argue that it can even look a little clownish. Thankfully, there are 100's of red lipstick shades to match even the most dynamic look. Here are a few key tips to tackle the red lipstick dilemma and find the right one for you:

Skin tone: The quickest way to find out if you’re warm or cool is to take a look at the veins in your arms in natural light. If they look more green, then you have a warm skin tone, if they look blue, you’re cool. The ideal red lipstick shade for warm skin tones are orangey reds, warm reds, tomato reds, brown based reds, golden reds, and tawny reds. For cool tones, aim for pink tones of red, berry reds, blackberry reds, brick reds, blue tones of red, and plum tones.

Skin color: If you have fair skin, you'll look brilliant in apricot nudes, pinks and light corals. For medium skin color, you can go darker in red lipstick shades - with reds with tones of rose, mauve, berry and burgundy. If you have darker skin, deep plum red, chocolate or red works perfectly with darker skin - try caramel reds for daytime and plum or wine reds for the evening and night. 

Hair color: If you have brown hair or darker and a warmer skin complexion, variations of brown-based reds are better matched for you. Deep orange and corals are the ideal shade for this color. If your skin tone is more "cool," try targeting cherry reds, plums and burgundies. 

Blondes with warmer complexions should opt for coral, orange or copper reds. For a cool skin tone, plum or pink reds, light rose reds or reds with a blue undertone are perfectly suited. 

Redheads with a warm complexion should seek out orangey, brighter shades of read and those with a cooler complexion are better suited for darker reds in shades of berry, plum and brick.

When looking for the perfect red lip, you should always seek the advice of an experienced makeup artist in the store, or try a swatch of the lipstick on your wrist before applying. Never guess or assume that the color is a good fit for you. This will ensure lips are matched with the perfect shade of red.

Once you have decided on your perfect lipstick shade of red you, you can then expand on texture (matte, gloss or high-shine) with a finishing powder, clear gloss or lip shine. Always remember to use a lip liner when applying lipstick, as this will help bring more shape and balance to the lips while increasing both the wear and intensity of your red lip color.

After you’ve lined your lips, apply your red lipstick from the cupid’s bow outward finishing at the corners. Blot your lips after finishing and do the “finger trick” to prevent any lipstick from getting on your teeth. Simply place your finger in your mouth and close your lips around your finger, like you would with a straw. With lips still closed, pull your finger out. Any lip product that would have ended up on your teeth is now on your finger!

Remember, a perfectly matched red lipstick can instantly bring life to your face, take you from day-to-night and even transform your entire look in seconds! Just be sure when searching, matching and applying your lipstick that you follow these key tips for a flawless look!

If you look on my purse on any given day, you will find usually at least ten different kinds of could say I'm a lipstick junkie! Some of my current favorites are MAC - Ruby Woo, NARS - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bettina, NARS - Lipstick in Heat Wave, and Make Up Forever - Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #42

What's your favorite shade of lipstick? Tell me in the comments section below.

- Colleen xo


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