AM & PM Routines

Dear Colleen,
I’m a busy mom with a full-time job. I barely have time to wash my face let alone research new products, ingredients, and the latest/greatest trends in beauty. Can you help me with a basic, simple skincare routine that I can use daily?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – when did skincare start to feel like a fad diet? This week it’s The Jane Fonda Workout, and next week it’s the Beyoncé Master Cleanse! Most women just want a routine that stands the test of time and gets the job done.

So after answering questions like Tracey’s a over and over again, I decided to put together my AM and PM Routines as a set. *celebratory fireworks!!*

Just what you need for minimal effort and maximum results. This has been the driving force behind my own collection since day one! Whether you tend to be oily, dry, acne-prone, or wrinkled – these routines are designed to fit EVERY skin type.


The first thing I do when I wake up (okay, the first thing I do after I check my phone!) is wash my face with the Balancing Gel Cleanser. It gently lathers to remove any oil or remaining nighttime treatments, and it gives me a fresh canvas to start the day.

Then I apply just a dab of the Vitamin C Treatment Complex, which helps give my skin that even, radiant glow. I usually let the treatment absorb for a few minutes while I brush my teeth or fix myself a big cup of coffee!

The last thing I do is moisturize with the Sheer Renewal Cream. Moisture is the key to minimizing those fine lines, ladies! It’s also a great primer for makeup.


After a day filled with meetings, appointments, and endless emails, I am ready to take the day off! I slightly warm the Radiant Cleansing Balm between my fingers before watching my makeup melt away. I love that it leaves my skin feeling completely pure but still silky and hydrated.
(See what YouTube beauty gurus have to say about the Radiant Cleansing Balm here, here, and here!)

Before bed, I quickly combine a small dollop of Extreme Recovery Cream with one pump of Face Oil N°9 and apply all over my face and décolleté. The cream provides maximum moisture while fighting signs of fine lines and uneven skin tone, and the oil provides a combination of precious oils and vitamins that leave skin looking luminous.

Many with oily-prone skin are afraid of layering another oil on top of their skin. But trust me, after 20 years of developing products, I’ve learned that even oily skin girls need moisture without the added greasy residue.

And that’s it! Three products in the morning, and three at night - could it be any simpler? Do you have a tried and true AM/PM routine? Leave me a comment below!



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