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    New Honey Vanilla Bath & Body Collection: Luxury Self-Care for Skin Below The Chin

    Spring is FINALLY HERE and if you’re like me, you are SO READY for the warmer temperatures. We look forward to spending more time outside - and revealing a little more skin! The earlier we begin a BODYcare routine, the healthier our skin appears. Remember, our bodies need the same TLC that we give our faces, and now that spring has officially arrived, it’s the perfect time to focus on our skin below the chin!

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    Anti-Aging Body Care


    Anti-Aging Body Care.

    As we age, we often focus on preventing or reversing the fine lines on our face and neck, but what about our skin from the neck down? Why shouldn’t we give it the same love and attention that we give our faces? Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sun damage affect all areas of the body, not just our face and neck. Anti-aging products abound, but most, if not all, target wrinkles on our face and neck. So what can you do to prevent wrinkles and age spots from the neck down, and what is the best anti-aging lotion to invest in if you want to protect all of your skin?

    I’ve pulled together a quick overview of the best body care tips to prevent wrinkles and fine lines no matter what stage of life you’re facing. Consider the following body care tips and think about how you can infuse them into your beauty care routine, and discover my personal recommendation for the best anti-aging lotion for your entire body down below.

    Always Wear Sunscreen

    Even if you invest in a basic SPF 15 lotion for your face, it is a good idea to apply it to your hands, arms, neck and chest. Regardless if you spend the majority of your time indoors, your skin is still exposed, at a minimum, during your commute to and from work. If you aren’t protecting it with sunscreen, you risk speeding up the aging process.

    Keep Hydrated 

    One of the oldest anti-aging tips is hydration. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful.

    Pro Tip: Avoid water bottles and straws, as they can cause fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth overtime.

    Use a Sugar Scrub for Dry Skin

    If you suffer from excessively dry skin throughout your body, the best way to overcome it is through a daily skin scrub routine. Simply mix white sugar with a bit of plant oil (olive oil works wonders) and apply it liberally over your arms and legs. Anti-aging products can only go so far, for true relief you need to make room for new skin cells by removing and moisturizing dry skin.

    Moisturize with an Anti-Aging Lotion

    My personal favorite anti-aging lotion is the Nourishing Body Lotion. This product is ideal for women who want to prevent aging or turn back the clock on their age-spots and fine lines. Containing high-performance anti-aging ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, which dramatically boosts the skin's hydration levels, and Mango Butter which restores suppleness and smoothness to the skin, Nourishing Body Lotion improves your skin’s appearance by moisturizing and replenishing it from the inside out.  By zeroing in on dehydrated, flaky skin, it leaves your skin gorgeous from head to toe. Add it to your daily body care routine for the best results.

    Stop ignoring the skin below your chin, and reinvest your time and energy into keeping all of it radiant and healthy. Use my personal favorite anti-aging lotion throughout your body and enjoy youthful looking skin for years to come.

    Questions? Ask us on Twitter @colrothschild.